Tube Master 200 Orbital Power Source

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Tube Master 200 orbital power source is designed and manufactured according to advanced technology by Huaheng Welding. The power source adopts industry-leading inverter control technology and equipped with extra-large color touch screen as user's interface. This power source is developed and manufactured with our 20 years' experience having the advantages as advanced, digital, easy-to-operate, intelligent, flexible and stable. The PLC controlling system combines with touch HMI achieve centralized setting and storage of the parameter and DSP synchronized controlling. Besides, it offers accurate current output, rotation and shielding gas control. Tube Master 200 is specially designed for thin wall thickness tube to tube welding, and widely used in chemical industry, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, electronical tubing, heat exchanger and etc. It’s compatible with all Huaheng TC series welding head.

Precise & Stable: Minimum current unit can be controlled at 0.1A, to ensure welding quality could pass the harsh process requirement of orbital welding. Besides, at designing and assembling stage we execute vibration, high temperature, freezing and water resistance testing to achieve stability.

In Tube Master 200, we adopt the latest technologies: electronic control tech, manufacturing tech, DSP tech and 4-layer PCB tech, power device PCB connector, hardware/software modularization, long-distance upgrade. All these new techs not only ensures the leading technology advantage, but also won’t be out-of-date in a considerable period of time.

Compact: A huge amount of TM200 users are using the machine on site, sometimes welding machine needs to access into limited space. That’s why we put a lot of energy into making a welding powersource easy to handle. The compact TM200 is integrated with all functional parts such as transformer, main PCB board, coolant tank, water pump, industrial PC and etc.



Max.   Current Output


Duty   Cycle

100% / 155A

Floating   Voltage


Input   Voltage


Max.   Power


Working   Ambient Temperature

-10 40

Max.   Program Storage Numbers


Coolant   Tank Volume


Manufacturing   Standard



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