PipeCut NC intersecting line cutting machine

  • PipeCut NC intersecting line cutting machine
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This series of CNC intersecting line cutting machine is a device for automatic calculation and cutting of intersecting line hole, end of intersecting line and elbow (Shrimp Festival) on the joint of steel pipe and non-ferrous metal pipe. The machine is widely used in construction, chemical, shipbuilding, construction machinery, metallurgy, power and other industries pipeline structure of the cutting machine. CNC intersecting line cutting machine can cut and process these kinds of workpieces very conveniently without any calculation and programming. Just input the intersecting line, the intersecting line hole and the welding groove of the pipe of the pipe intersecting system.

Axis of control

2-6 axis

Cutting diameter (MM)


The cutting length (MM)


Cutting thickness (MM)


The maximum load (Group)

Eight thousand

The torch group number (MM/MIN)

Plasma flame swap

The cutting speed (MM/MIN)


Running speed


Cutting way

Plasma flame

Cutting groove

V/Y + 45 O (plasma), + 60 O (flame)

Groove specification

The United States AWS/ angle / angle



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