MiniCut CNC Flame and Plasma Cutting System

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This machine a small portable cutting machine with functions like CNC cutting, easy-to-operate, man-machine interaction, etc. It’s compatible with plasma and oxy-fuel, the rail track of which is of high rigidity leading to noiseless cutting process. Both China-made and imported plasma system are optional.

Head cutting:

1,6-9-axis robot system

2, according to the size of the specific configuration head

3, mainly used for pressure vessel head cutting

4, optional plasma, flame or laser cutting

Groove cutting:

1,6-7 shaft linkage

2, the robot can walk vertically

3, mainly used for plane cutting groove. Can be used for bevel cutting of "I", "X", "Y", "V" and "K" for straight lines and curves with different thickness

4, optional plasma or flame cutting

Profile contour cutting: (profile cutting and contour cutting combined into one)

1, 6-9 axis linkage robot system

2, mainly for all types of steel such as angle, channel, H-beam, flat steel, such as space for cutting

3, optional plasma or laser cutting



Cutting range (mm)

1500 X 3000

Cutting method

Plasma or Oxy-fuel



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