iOrbital5000 Programmable Welding Powersource

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iOrbital 5000 programmable welding power source is designed and manufactured according to advanced technology by Huaheng Welding Co., Ltd. It has integrated control system, main power system, circuit cooling system. It’s advanced, digital, easy operation, intelligent, universal and stable. The industrial PC terminal makes the programing becomes easy and can centralized control the welding current, rotation, wire feeding, AVC/OSC, gas and water cooling. It is specially designed for tube/tube, tube/tube-sheet welding application. Compatible with Huaheng TC series, TOK series, TOA series, TP040/TP060/T8 tube/tube-sheet weld head. Mainly applied in of chemical industry, food industry, medical industry, and electric pipeline, all sorts of heat exchangers, engineering machinery, boiler.

 The control interface includes six interfaces respectively working interface, programming interface, configuration interface, file interface, database interface and help interface;
 Works with various welding parameters automatic calculation function, you can easily realize the tube plate, such as thin-walled tubes automatic welding process parameter matching;
 According to the process requirements, equipped with expert arc tracking procedures, control system of intelligent arc length tracing;
 With arc failure, workpiece, over-voltage, short circuit and over temperature, water shortage, lack of gas under pressure, the real-time detection of abnormal fault arc, communication and feedback function;
 With U disk procedures import and export functions, convenient replacement of welding process;
 With parameter adjustment and memory function, can realize the real-time online parameter adjustment of memory, and can realize the display contrast before and after adjustment of parameters;
 The welding process can adjust the yaw speed, yaw center, transverse swing width, current, speed, welding parameters, to meet the special requirements in some weld;
 The power to have remote software upgrades and U disk upgrade function, have the function of off-line programming;

The type of power supply


welding current

5 ~ 500A

Temporary loading rate

387A 100%

20 C

500A 60%

The input voltage (range)

3*380V (-15%~+15%) 50Hz

maximum power

34 KW

The efficiency of Cos&/


Insulation grade / protection grade


The temperature of the environment

-10 ~ C~+40 ~ C

Transport and storage temperature

-25 ~ C~+55 ~ C

Welding torch cooling / cooling mode

Air / air cooling or water cooling


10.4 color touch screen

control function

Gas / current / rotation / wire / yaw motion arc length

Program storage


Divided interval



The built-in printer has the function of automatic printing process parameters, the convenience of Archives

Pump head


Water tank volume


The size of L/W/H[mm]


Weight (excluding cooling water) [kg]


Manufacturing standards

GB15579.1-2013, IEC60974/IEC


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