IOrbital600 hot wire welding power control

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IOrbital600 digital hot wire TIG welding power source is the Huaheng company adopts the world advanced technology for the design and manufacture of the DC inverter welding power supply. From the main power supply wire, welding power supply, main control system, monitoring system, cooling water circulation system. This machine has the characteristics of advanced, digital, intelligent, easy operation, scalability, reliability. The control system adopts PC control, it is a 32 bit embedded operating system is an open, scalable and unique fieldbus, centralized storage, distributed synchronous setting, precise control of the parameters in all position welding, especially suitable for narrow gap and thick wall pipe, hot wire TIG welding, used in thermal power, valves, mining machinery, engineering machinery, boilers, nuclear power and other industries.



 Intelligent PC control system, and the popular DSP chip and digital signal processing chip, to monitor the high resolution of the output signal and the sampling;

 The system uses the windows CE embedded operating system, the interface is simple, easy to operate, keyboard and mouse operation;

 Current, rotation, wire to achieve slow, pulse function;

 To achieve real-time tracking control of arc length, arc length tracing has three tracking modes: tracking the peak value, peak value, medium;

 To adjust the parameters of memory function, can store and display on the adjustment of parameters before and after the adjustment of parameters in the welding process;

 The realization of U disk program can import and export operation, convenient replacement of welding process;

 The remote control device to realize the real-time display function, the user can see all kinds of state in the process of remote control;

 The welding stroke and some corresponding parameters (see parameter table) with time, angle switching function;

 The distance of tungsten electrode and workpiece accurately set, tungsten touch the workpiece to the preset value for high frequency arc arc and lift arc two, by one of the two programming;

 To improve the fault detection system, directly show the cause of the problem;

 LCD / English menu display;

 Can achieve real-time monitoring, data acquisition and printing; can realize the superposition of sharp pulse frequency;

 With the heater power, independent hot wire current and improve welding efficiency;

 Optional off-line programming and off-line printing software.

The type of power supply


welding current


Temporary loading rate (20 C)

600A 60%

500A 100%

Hot wire current


Temporary loading rate (20 C)

200A 60%

120A 100%

No-load voltage


input voltage

3*380V + 10% 50/60Hz

Input power


Cooling power

Air cooling


6.5 inch / English display

Programming mode

Panel programming


Remote control / panel / display parameters in real time English

Programmable memory

The 100 group

Expert parameter storage

Pre deposit

Divided interval


Torch cooling

External cooling water circulation

Water tank type

RC4 water tank

Power weight (kg)

Two hundred and ninety

Manufacturing standards


Insulation safety grade / standard


Size length * width * height (mm)




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