TP040 Tube to Tube Sheet Orbital Weld Head

  • TP040 Tube to Tube Sheet Orbital Weld Head
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The torch is designed for pipe / tube automatic TIG welding gun design, applicable to the general form of the tube plate Automatic welding . Suitable for welding of carbon steel, stainless steel tube plate joint type tubes /, mainly Guan Pingqi, without filler wire, can realize all position TIG tube / plate welding, welding to achieve the ideal effect, high reproducibility. With iOrbital2000, iOrbital3600, iOrbital5000 controlled welding power source used, mainly used in chemical, food, medicine, heat exchanger, power plants.

 For a power plant condenser, stainless steel, titanium alloy tube plate welding;

 Do not send silk autolysis, small volume, light weight, convenient operation;

 Bulge core type positioning, welding torch inclination of workpiece design, accurate positioning, safe and reliable, convenient and quick;

 The closed welding, to ensure high quality weld;

 No wound, water electrical design, enhanced cooling system, temporarily cut rate, longer work time.

Welding material

Carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium alloy

Can pipe diameter (mm)

16 Phi Phi 38 (5/8 - 1/2)

Tube plate form


Tungsten diameter (mm)

Of the 2.4

The rotation speed (RPM)

From 0.6 to 12

The welding torch inclination

0 degrees, 7 degrees (7 degrees for standard)

Protective gas


Cooling mode


The cooling flow rate (ml/min)

More than 300

Rated current

100A temporary load rate of 60%

The weight (kg)

3.65 (excluding cable)

Size (mm)

310 x 80 x 165

 technical parameter


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