TP040 Tube to Tube Sheet Orbital Weld Head

  • TP040 Tube to Tube Sheet Orbital Weld Head
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The torch is designed for pipe / tube automatic TIG welding gun design, applicable to the general form of the tube plate Automatic welding . Suitable for welding of carbon steel, stainless steel tube plate joint type tubes /, mainly Guan Pingqi, without filler wire, can realize all position TIG tube / plate welding, welding to achieve the ideal effect, high reproducibility. With iOrbital2000, iOrbital3600, iOrbital5000 controlled welding power source used, mainly used in chemical, food, medicine, heat exchanger, power plants, military and nuclear power industries.

 For a power plant condenser, stainless steel, titanium alloy tube plate welding;

 Do not send silk autolysis, small volume, light weight, convenient operation;

 Bulge core type positioning, welding torch inclination of workpiece design, accurate positioning, safe and reliable, convenient and quick;

 The closed welding, to ensure high quality weld;

 No wound, water electrical design, enhanced cooling system, temporarily cut rate, longer work time.

Welding material

Carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium alloy

Can pipe diameter (mm)

16 Phi Phi 38 (5/8 - 1/2)

Tube plate form


Tungsten diameter (mm)

Of the 2.4

The rotation speed (RPM)

From 0.6 to 12

The welding torch inclination

0 degrees, 7 degrees (7 degrees for standard)

Protective gas


Cooling mode


The cooling flow rate (ml/min)

More than 300

Rated current

100A temporary load rate of 60%

The weight (kg)

3.65 (excluding cable)

Size (mm)

310 x 80 x 165

 technical parameter


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