TPN19 Inner Hole Orbital Weld Head

  • TPN19 Inner Hole Orbital Weld Head
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The torch is designed for the pipe and the pipe plate automatic TIG welding hole design, suitable for the inner hole of the tube plate form Automatic welding . Can tubesheet joint welding of carbon steel, stainless steel and so on various forms of pipe / filler wire. The diameter range of the pipe hole to more than o 19mm. With iOrbital5000 controlled welding power supporting the use of precision for all position TIG inner hole welding, welding results in high repeatability and can achieve ideal welding effect. Mainly used in petrochemical, boiler, industries.


 The petrochemical industry for the heat exchanger tube plate hole welding;

 Can meet the minimum inner diameter of 19mm welded pipe plate;

 Accurate positioning, simple and convenient operation;

 Suitable for welding carbon steel, stainless steel and other materials;

 Can be designed according to user needs products.

Welding material

Carbon steel, stainless steel

Can pipe diameter o D (mm)

More than 19.

In the length of A (mm)


The pipe wall thickness (mm).

From 1 to 2.5

Tube plate form

Tube plug, Guan Pingqi

Tungsten diameter (mm)

Of the 2.4

The rotation speed (RPM)

From 0.37 to 7.39

Arc length adjustment distance (mm)


Protective gas


Cooling mode


The cooling flow rate (ml/min)

More than 300

The weight (kg)

11 (excluding cable)

Size (mm)

570 x 290 x 510

 technical parameter


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