TPN25 Inner Hole Orbital Weld Head

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The torch is designed for deep hole pipe / tube plate automatic TIG welding torch design. Applicable to special tube plate form Automatic welding . Suitable for welding of carbon steel, stainless steel and other pipe / tube sheet joint Guan Pingqi joints welding pipe and 25mm in diameter and 32mm, can be used with filler wire or self melting in two ways. The machine can be programmed with iOrbital5000 welding power supply supporting the use of precision for all position welding welding results of TIG deep hole, high repeatability, can achieve the ideal effect of welding. To adapt to the special form of automatic tube plate in boiler, heat exchanger, electric power construction and chemical industries such as welding

 According to the deep hole welding invisibility, are designed automatic arc length control device, automatic correction of arc voltage and arc voltage signal acquisition through the feedback principle, in order to maintain the stability of tungsten and welding spacing, automatically adjust the arc length. Can be manually adjusted by closing the arc length automatic arc length control function;
 The automatic lifting function touch the workpiece, to ensure that each welding of tungsten electrode and the workpiece height consistency;
 With a special welding torch and welding torch revealed hidden function, easy insertion and welding torch;


Welding material

Carbon steel, stainless steel

Can pipe diameter (mm)

25 or 32 (Phi Phi Phi 25 standard)

In the maximum length (mm)

230 (including the thickness)

Tube plate form


Tungsten diameter (mm)

Phi 2.4

The rotation speed (RPM)

From 0.37 to 7.39

The welding torch inclination

3 degrees

Arc length adjustment distance (mm)


The maximum wire feeding speed (mm/min)

One thousand and eight hundred

The wire diameter (mm)

Phi 0.8

Protective gas


Cooling mode


The cooling flow rate (ml/min)

More than 300

Rated current

200A temporary load rate of 60%

The weight (kg)

13 (excluding cable)

Size (mm)

780 x 290 x 310

  technical parameter


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