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The operation frame is designed for tube plate welding in the process of using the simple operation and design, is the main control of tube plate welding torch position can be through the operation, through the three axis moving quickly and a key type pneumatic locking, with positioner can quickly and accurately find the center pipe, and smooth welding, mainly with TP060 the torch (locator structure) using /T66 and T8 supporting the torch. Suitable for welding of small tube plate structure.

 Plate automatic welding system TP060, T66, all position programmed welding power supply and the company's production of the integrity of the pipe / precision for all position TIG tube / plate welding, to achieve the ideal effect of welding, welding results with high reproducibility;

 The shaft adopts linear guide, stable and reliable motion;

 The chassis is equipped with 2 fixed wheels, 2 casters, whole can move freely;
 Scope of application: chemical industry, boiler, heat exchange, air conditioning, nuclear power, pharmaceutical industry.

Can the bottom pipe distance minimum distance (mm)

Five hundred

Horizontal moving distance (mm)

One thousand and five hundred

On the moving distance (mm)

One thousand and five hundred

After moving distance (mm)

Four hundred and fifty

The weight of kg

Three hundred and ten

Size (mm)

2063 x 1269 x 2325



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