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TSM-1000 portable flat machine is currently on the market one of the smallest flat machine. The models are driven by Metabo electric 18V lithium battery, the machine weighs about 6 pounds (2.6KG). This type is suitable for the installation of the construction site, because it is very small in size, suitable for small area space.

Electric driven by a battery can work continuously more than 2 hours, and the charging time is only 15 minutes. The fixture made of stainless steel, and can be self locked into the chip sleeve clamp is fixed in the correct position.

 Metabo lithium battery driven electric drill 18V;

 Let both sides of blade longer blade life;

 Size and convenient replacement fixture;
 Fixture of stainless steel;
 Most of the cutting of metal and plastic, including high nickel alloy material;
 The design of the blade to avoid cutting the inner wall of the tube;
 The blade can be cutting the following materials: stainless steel, Inconel, nickel base alloy, carbon steel, Aluminum Alloy and some other alloy materials;

The range of diameter (OD)

1/8 "-1" (3.18mm-25.4mm)

Electric drill



2.6 kg


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