• TSM-1500
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This is the first of our flat machine, it has completely changed the flat machine at work site use. The cutting feed function of flat machine precision, so that the cutting face vertical length accurately and without burr. Step feed function. Flat without burr and accurate length, clamping smoothly, 230V power supply

 Can the portable operation can also be installed for mass production on the table;
 Size and convenient replacement fixture;
 The adjustable dial can control the precise cutting length, the minimum scale value of 0.015 "(0.381mm);
 Observation hole to facilitate observation and replacement of the blade;
 Most of the cutting of metal and plastic materials, including high nickel alloy and carbon steel;
 The design of the blade to avoid cutting the inner wall of the tube;

The range of diameter (OD)

"1/8" (3.18mm) to 1/2 (38.1mm)

Electric drill





Fixed table flat machine

Lithium battery electric drill



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