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This small flat machine cutting diameter in 1/8 "(3.18mm-25.4mm). We provide two kinds of fixture: standard fixture used for cutting from 0.2 "(5.08mm) micro joint and pipe length, thickening fixture used for cutting 1" (25.4mm) above the pipe.
This machine is flat very fast. You can see the flat machine also has a large observation hole in between the blade and the pipe. Clamp does not scratch the surface of polished stainless steel tube. Feed dial can provide precise cutting length.
This flat machine can use 110V and 220V two kinds of electric drill. Variable speed electric drill is our standard configuration, you can also choose to have a constant speed control for the Metabo drill, can protect the mouth machine to maintain a constant speed output in the load condition, prolong the service life of the cutter. We also provide a lithium battery electric drill can work for a long time.

 Can the portable operation can also be installed for mass production on the table;
 Size and convenient replacement fixture;
 The dial can control the precise cutting length, the minimum scale value of 0.015 "(0.381mm);
 Observation hole to facilitate observation and replacement of the blade;
 Most of the cutting of metal and plastic materials, including high nickel alloy and carbon steel;
 The design of the blade to avoid cutting the inner wall of the tube;

The range of diameter (OD)


Electric drill



9 pounds (4.1 kg)


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