• TSM-3001M
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This machine end flat machine cutting diameter range from 0.5 "to 3" (12.7mm-76.2mm), is very similar to TSM-4500M, but the lighter weight. Is mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry.
Feed you convenient accurate control of feed. The German Metabo machine configuration variable speed motor, can maintain a constant speed in the loading condition, prolong tool life.

 Fast locking system to reduce clamping time;

 The body length is less than 20 "(508mm), height of less than 8" (203.2mm);
 To facilitate the replacement of different size fixture;
 Feed dial can accurately control the feed to 0.001 "(0.0254mm);
 Random allocation table of fixed base;
 Can cut most metals and plastics, including high nickel and carbon steel etc.;
 The cutting tool design to avoid the inner wall of the tube;

The range of diameter (OD)

1/2 "(12.7mm) to 3 "(76.2mm)

Electric drill



18 pounds (8.2 kg)


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