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Spindle torque PBM-12000 beveling machine is driven by turbine bar provided by the large torque can be generated in ultra thick wall pipe.
Our machine is the only market can also bevel pipe beveling machine flat and hole boring mouth. High torque drive turbine vortex can provide processing wall thickness of 1.25 "(31.75mm) tube, also can prevent the damage of gear structure.

 The self-locking expansion mandrel block (no spring loss free);
 Adjustable key and keyway structure, eliminate recoil and vibration;
 3 horsepower pneumatic motor;
 A hardness of RC55 (chip is not easy to be scratched);

 The three blade mounting groove groove, and flat, deburring, boring diameter;
 Single spindle with replaceable expansion blocks, cover size all;

The diameter range (diameter)

6 "(152.4mm) to 12 (304.8mm)

Electric drill


The maximum wall thickness

"(1.25 31.75mm)

Pneumatic motor

70cfm; 90Psi


78 pounds (35.4KG)


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