Precise Cold Cutting Beveling Production Line For 8-24

  • Precise Cold Cutting Beveling Production Line For 8-24
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  • Performance
  • Parameters

     Many advanced technique to achieve international standard

     Reach max. 100mm thickness

     Beveling efficiency: ≤5 min (DN200 SCH40)

     Advance tool feed: servo radius feeding, 3 axes synchronized

     The first who solved outer bevel and  counterbore by CNC

     Graphic parameter input programing, less requirement on operation skill

     5 Axes tansporter achieve pipe automatic conveying

     Achieve U, compounding V and counterbore by CNC, no need to change the tool bit for these  kinds of process

     Rigid cutting 


CBL-24      CBL-32

Bevel time

U,V, compounding V, counterbore

Tool quantity

Max. 2 pcs

Tool bit

Hard alloy bit

Tool bit life time

Long(≥50 cuts)

Cutting speed

3min/cut (Dn200x12mm)

Iron chips collection


Pipe diameter range

4-24"(Φ108-630mm)      8-32"(Φ219-850mm)



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