HPT500 Plasma Torch

  • HPT500 Plasma Torch
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  Water-cooling system and gas protection cover design;
  Tungsten electrode self-centralizing function, easy to install and adjust;
  Built-in airway to ensure excellent compression and protection effect, thus achieving perfect welding performance and backside shaping;
  High duty cycle: 300A 100%; maximum loading current: 500A;
  Tungsten electrode diameter: Φ2.4mm/Φ3.2mm/Φ4.0mm/Φ4.8mm, length: 150mm;
  According the wall thickness, choose 2.5mm/3.2mm/4.0mm nozzles;
  Use a big-sized nozzle and extend electrode to get TIG welding;
  Suitable for materials such as stainless steel, titanium alloy, aluminum alloy, zirconium alloy welding;
  Compatible with automation system.


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