Automatic TIG Torch

  • Automatic TIG Torch
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  Water cooling structure design, high duty cycle 500A, 60%;
  Torch length is optional, i.e. 270mm/380mm/500mm for choice;
  Gas flow divider to ensure better protection; optional nozzle: Φ6mm/Φ12mm/Φ19mm;
  Easy to install and adjust tungsten electrode;
  Optional electrode diameter: Φ2.4mm/Φ3.2mm/Φ4.0mm/Φ4.8mm; length: 150/750mm;
  Torch cable is 1,500mm, suitable for various systems;
  High duty cycle, in mixed gas or argon state, MG501 torch duty cycle is 500A 60%, MG501S duty cycle is 500A 100%;
  Torch and protection nozzle are saved by cooling system, making the torch endure longtime using and decreasing the consumption of vulnerable parts;
  Suitable to wire diameters: Φ0.8mm/Φ1.0mm/Φ1.2mm/Φ1.6mm; suitable to materials of carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum alloy.


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