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"Huaheng Technology" selected "China good design"

"Huaheng Technology" selected "China good design"

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"Huaheng Technology" selected "China good design"

[Time: 2015-11-16]

"Huaheng Technology" selected "China good design"

- Solve the traditional whole forging process a major problem areas

 In the recently held International Engineering Technology Development Strategy Forum - Innovative Design Forum 2015 China Innovative Design Conference by Kunshan Huaheng Welding Co., Ltd. designed to wait for the same material / additive / reduction composite manufacturing process stand out , Successfully selected "2015 China good design" project. The process technology solves the traditional problem of manufacturing a complex curved surface forging and casting process, has the advantages of high efficiency and low cost, and can be widely applied to the direct manufacture of various large and complex metal parts products.

In a new round of technological revolution and industrial change, innovative design plays an increasingly important role. In 2013, the Chinese Academy of Engineering launched a major consulting project on "Innovative Design and Development Strategy Study". After 15 academicians and more than 100 experts and scholars spent nearly two years on research, the Chinese Academy of Engineering selected 30 "2015 China design project. Among them, the Kunshan Huaheng Welding Co., Ltd. won the Silver Award for "Equal Material / Additive / Cut Composite Manufacturing Technology" designed with the support of universities such as Southeast University. Other selected projects include the CRH380A high speed EMU, the offshore oil dragon Manned submersible, bone substitute design and so on.

Technological innovation is the first motivation to lead the transformation and development of enterprises. Kunshan Huaheng Welding Co., Ltd. is the earliest state-level high-tech enterprise engaged in the development and manufacture of welding automation equipment in China. It has successively undertaken and completed a number of state-level R & D projects such as the National 863 Program, the State Key Scientific and Technological Specialization and the State Function Manufacturing Special Project, Has 148 licensed patents and 109 software copyrights.

According to reports, "innovation / production / reduction of composite manufacturing process," the design innovation lies in the establishment of a robot surfacing additive system model, the input robot processing instructions make the robot in accordance with the welding of additional processing instructions, surfacing by increasing Simulation of materials to complete the verification of the robot program guidelines. At the same time, Huaheng also developed a robot-based CAD offline programming system, the 3D digital model into multiple cross-sections into the rapid development of self-developed software, automatic generation of robot surfacing trajectory.

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