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Huaheng dealer working conference held in 2013

Huaheng dealer working conference held in 2013

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Huaheng dealer working conference held in 2013

[Time: 2013-01-08]

Kunshan Huaheng Welding Co., Ltd. 2013 dealer working conference was held on January 7, 2013 in the company headquarters lecture hall. Xu Xujiong, Chairman of the Board, shared the opening-up report of "Strategic Mutual Trust, Continual Improvement and Standardized Management" and the more than 100 dealers' delegates invited to attend this conference to share the strategy and plan of Huaheng Sustainable Development.

Based on the welding automation steadily toward industrial automation and intelligent manufacturing development is the focus of this meeting. During the conference, participants visited Huahong Engineering Technology Center (Jiangsu Provincial Key Laboratory of Welding Automation Equipment High Technology Research) and a series of high-tech exciting presentations attracted and further strengthened the confidence and support of distributors and partners. Huaheng look forward to working with the national dealer partners work together to create a better future!

Huaheng dealer working conference held in 2013

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