Robot intelligent manufacturing

Robot intelligent manufacturing system, helping "Jiangsu-made"

Robot intelligent manufacturing system, helping "Jiangsu-made"

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Robot intelligent manufacturing system, helping "Jiangsu-made"

[Time: 2012-10-29]

    2012-10-09 Xinhua Daily "robot," Jiangsu Zhi made "runner" (Section A05 Excerpt)


      24 robots, saving 80 skilled workers

"Such a big factory, reluctant to send workers masks?" September 10, the reporter flashes in the welding of large-tonnage loader XCMG intelligent shop looked around, not see a masked worker, could not help asking questions to the owner.

"Our safety regulations allow workers and visitors not to wear masks." Zhou Tianlei, Production Director at XCMG Science and Technology Branch, reminded reporters with a smile: "Do not forget, this is 180,000 square meters and the largest robot welding green production base in Asia! Reporter approached the production line surprised to see that a self-respecting 1.5 tons of "big guy" was easily soldered robot "carry" to the ground 2 meters in the air, rub the ball like flip, so welding arm full range of welding. The robot can also identify more than 50 kinds of bucket specifications, adjust the welding distance and procedures, at one go.

"In the past welding this, two skilled workers to go up, to be welded 4 hours, even the toilet trotting. Welding is over, the quality varies. Now a robotic welding as long as 4 hours, saving half the time, and full control of the computer , Welding a lot of quality, never rework. "Zhou Lei said proudly.

Last May, they built two flexible welding intelligent production lines with 24 robots, not only the domestic advanced level of scale and technology, but also a "Jiangsu core" --- Xuzhou Huarong Robot System Co., Ltd. Independent research and development, tailored to fill a blank Xuzhou smart manufacturing.

Cui Jisheng, vice president of science and technology branch easily credited to reporters: two lines a month can be soldered 3200 shovels, all processes only 60 workers; if it is hand welding, then 140 workers, equal to each year Save 80 workers. According to the annual salary of skilled workers 100,000 yuan, saving 8 million yuan per year labor costs, 3 years to earn a production line investment. Besides, now skilled welders "playing lanterns" are hard to find.

Then there are "health accounts" and "labor intensity accounts." In the past artificial welding, not only wear masks, but also wear double, one day masks, such as cloth rags. Welding mist in the workshop, no other than ten steps, welders easily manganese poisoning occupational diseases. Even if not occupational diseases, bending over many years, will fall a variety of sequelae. Now, welding robots at high altitude, comes with dust removal, filtration, ventilation green device, the workshop air standards, where to wear masks? He said this reporter suddenly realized.

Zhen Wenqing, director of economic development at Xuzhou Economic Development Zone, told reporters that at present, the district has gathered emerging manufacturing enterprises led by more than 10 robots including XCMG, Xuzhou Huaheng and Helenshe. The annual sales revenue of the smart industry surpasses 1 billion yuan, Provincial Economic Commission was awarded the "Jiangsu Robot Industry Demonstration Base."

Robot, Sunan's new "demographic dividend"

"There are three national bright spots in the robot intelligent industry in our province: one is a welding robot represented by Xuheng Huaheng, the other is a packaging robot represented by Suzhou Aumun and a third is a robot industrial park represented by Changzhou. Commission equipment industry director strongly believe that the reporter recommended "go to Sunan look."


Jiangsu robot, you can run faster

Frankly speaking, robot industry in our province is still in its infancy, and Jiangsu's equipment manufacturing industry is not leading the country's status. Strong believe that there are three strong performance: First, the number of less than the province's only 56,000 industrial robots, and low scientific and technological content; Second, weaker independent innovation, the core components rely on imports; Third, scientific research and development The general lack of capacity.

"Vigorously developing high-end manufacturing industries such as robots is an important measure to meet the challenge of the 'third industrial revolution and speed up industrial restructuring and upgrading in Jiangsu Province.' Xu Yiping, director of the Provincial Economic and Information Commission, told reporters that it is necessary to promote the establishment of high-end equipment manufacturing at all levels of government Industry special funds or industrial funds to give priority to the development of smart emerging industries such as robots as the focus of a period in the future, cultivating 20 state-level enterprise technology centers and 100 provincial-level technology centers. He predicted that during the "12th Five-Year Plan" period, the number of industrial robots used in our province will grow at an annual rate of over 20%, adding impetus to the high-end "creation in Jiangsu".

Professor Dai Xianzhong, director of Robotics Research Center of Southeast University, believes that the robot that we are talking about now is not a smart machine 20 years ago, but a concept of industrial integration system. To develop the robot industry as a breakthrough, promote the province's advanced manufacturing technology, information technology and intelligent technology integration and development, in particular, to break through the bottleneck of the production of key parts of the robot to improve our province equipment manufacturing capacity of independent support.

Robots are divided into industrial robots and service robots. Qian Luhong, deputy general manager of Kunshan Huaheng Welding Co., proposed that as the aging society in our province came ahead of schedule, we should vigorously develop medical rehabilitation, helping the elderly and helping the disabled, and family escorting robots to seize the commanding height of the robot industry.

After the former head of Jiangsu Science and Technology Department retired, Wang Yongshun was hired as director of the Science and Technology Development Research Center of Southeast University, specializing in robotics research. He called for more than 50 robot manufacturing enterprises and robot research and development institutions across the province to work together to form an integrated force of production, study and research as well as play a "Jiangsu brand" in a unified way and push "Jiangsu Zhisao" to the whole country.

Wang Yongshun also suggested that according to industrial characteristics to establish a robot zone development plan. For example, Kunshan, Taiwan-funded intensive advantage can be used to build a robot intelligent industrial park across the Taiwan Strait to learn Taiwan's "wisdom-making" experience and promote the hurdling robot industry in our province.

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