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Huaheng two employees selected for the first national engineering doctor

Huaheng two employees selected for the first national engineering doctor

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Kunshan Huaheng Welding Co., Ltd. two employees selected the first batch of national engineering doctor

[Time: 2012-10-18]

In order to cultivate the leading talents of engineering and technology in the future, in line with the major national needs, relying on the major national science and technology projects undertaken by the enterprises, the Doctor of Engineering takes the joint training of universities and enterprises in order to build an innovative country, take a new road to industrialization and promote the upgrading of traditional industries And the development of strategic emerging industries to provide technical backbone of engineering personnel support. Currently there are 25 colleges and universities in the country won the first batch, only a Southeast University in Jiangsu Province.

In order to strengthen the personnel training of Huaheng Enterprise, after independent registration and selection, two employees of the Company, Du Wang and Zhu Wei successfully passed the engineering doctor examination of Southeast University and obtained the doctoral admissions notice of advanced manufacturing and automation respectively. In October this year Officially admitted to become China's first batch of engineering Ph.D. In order to encourage and train the talents of the company, the company will provide them with the funding for the study of Ph.D.

Du Wang, Zhu Wei Huaheng enterprises to train outstanding young technicians. Over the past 8 years, after their training and training in Huaheng Enterprise, they have accumulated rich experience in engineering practice in robot welding automation. They have successively won the first prize of scientific and technological progress in Jiangsu Province, the top ten outstanding young people in Kunshan and the Kunshan municipal government talents allowance.

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