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Welding Industry Status and Independent Innovation Strategy

Welding Industry Status and Independent Innovation Strategy

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Welding Industry Status and Independent Innovation Strategy

[Time: 2011-02-03]

1, in the equipment manufacturing industry status and role

Welding is a process of permanently joining materials and becoming a manufacturing technique with a given functional structure. Almost all products, from hundreds of thousands of tons of wheels to less than 1 gram of microelectronic components, are used to varying degrees in the production of welding technology. Welding has infiltrated all areas of manufacturing and has a direct impact on product quality, reliability and longevity as well as production costs, efficiencies and market responsiveness.

China's steel output reached 349 million tons in 2005, making it the world's largest producer and consumer of steel products. However, the amount of steel used in welded structures also exceeded 130 million tons, equivalent to one year of U.S. steel production, making it the largest welded steel in the world Structure manufacturing country.

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