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China Workers Welding Technology Association five second council

China Workers Welding Technology Association five second council

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China Workers Welding Technology Association five second council

[Time: 2008-09-25]

    Under the care and support of leaders at all levels, including Jiangsu Federation of Trade Unions, Kunshan Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government and Kunshan Federation of Trade Unions, the Fifth Session of the Fifth China Association of Staff and Workers Welding Technology was held in Jiangsu Province from September 21 to 24, 2008 Kunshan City, held a grand, this session by the state-level high-tech enterprises - Welding Co., Ltd. Kunshan Huaheng co-organized.

    This session lasted for 4 days. Its main content is to summarize the work since the first council of the fifth council, to discuss and study the work objectives and tasks for the next two years, to exchange technical papers on welding, domestic and international special reports on welding technology and equipment development, to attend The main leaders of this meeting are:

Li Yongan, former secretary of the National Federation union secretary

Li Xiaobu Jiangsu Federation of Trade Unions party secretary

Zhang Yulin, deputy mayor of Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province

Gu Zhizhong Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province Federation of Trade Unions chairman

Yuan Yu, vice president of Daqing Oilfield Construction Group, deputy general manager

Wang Guozhong, Vice Chairman Beijing Electric Power Construction Company General Manager

He Shuli, director of Harbin Institute of Welding

Yu Qing Sheng, vice chairman of the original Chengdu Welding Institute

    Through the convening of the current board of directors, representatives of the participants more clearly the next work plan and focus of the association in the welding equipment industry to further implement the scientific concept of development, First, we must adhere to people-oriented, speed up the implementation of high-tech promotion; Second, we must adhere to Development and acceleration of industrialization; basically solve the domestic welding and welding technology is relatively backward, low energy efficiency and other major issues, timely adjustment of industrial structure, change the mode of economic growth, control of high energy-consuming industries, unswervingly implement the "energy-saving Priority, efficiency-based; based on domestic and overseas development; relying on science and technology, innovation system, "the work guidelines to ensure that the welding industry to high-end development, energy-saving development in order to achieve sustainable long-term development.

    During the meeting, the director of the association Lin Fuguo attended the meeting of the members of the delegation visited Kunshan Huaheng Welding Co., Ltd., the delegates visited Huaheng Automated Platforms (North Factory), Industrial Robot Factory (South Factory) and the upcoming completion Of the welding plant (East plant), Huaheng representatives to you fully demonstrated in recent years in the localization of industrial robots, special welding technology research and equipment industry technology achievements made in the technology exchange process, all delegates Fully affirmed the achievements made by Huaheng in the innovation of welding technology. We hope that enterprises should speed up the market transformation of new technology and new technology and make due contributions to the development of the industry.

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